The Eye Specialist for Animals is dedicated to preserving healthy vision for an improved life for your pets. We aim to do this in a warm and compassionate way. TESA offers complete medical and surgical eye care for dogs, cats, horses and many smaller exotic pets such as birds, and rabbits.

Our veterinary ophthalmology specialist, Dr Gladys Boo and her team provide you, your pet and referring veterinarians with the highest level of care, understanding, and education.

What to bring
to your initial visit.

⌚ Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled examination time so that we can complete the new patient check-in process.

🦺 For the safety of our patients and clients, all animals SHOULD be restrained by a leash, or be in a pet carrier.

Please bring the following items with you for your pet’s first appointment:
1. A list of all the medications, anti-parasitic treatments and nutritional supplements your pet is currently receiving for eye problems as well as for general medical problems. If your pet is currently receiving medications for an eye problem, please bring those medications with you to your appointment.
1.Your pet’s medical history and health records, including laboratory results, x-rays, etc. (If you have not had these sent by your primary care veterinarian).

What to expect
during your visit.

🦺 Hi! This is important! For the safety of our patients, vets and clients, please let us know if your pet is head-shy or may have aversion to an ophthalmologist coming close to his/ her face.

Long wait times are stressful for you and your pet. We will strive to honor your scheduled appointment time. However, emergencies do arise and some patients require more extensive care than others. This means that occasionally you may experience a wait. When this occurs, we appreciate your patience and empathy.
Gentle Examination
We are dedicated to performing gentle examinations on every patient. Fortunately, an eye examination is non-invasive. All patients are examined using slit lamp biomicroscopy and indirect ophthalmoscopy. Other diagnostic tests may be necessary on a case by case basis.
Clear communication is a fundamental part of our practice. Not only will we take time to explain your pet’s eye condition and recommend therapies in a way that you understand, but we will also inform your primary care veterinarian of our findings and recommendations.

As a leading eye specialty practice, TESA provides you and your pet the experience and knowledge of our highly-skilled board-certified ophthalmologist, a compassionate nursing and support team, as well as the industry’s most advanced ophthalmology technology.

Our fees are usual and customary for the kind of specialised services we provide.

We at TESA understand you have your pet’s best interests and sometimes the costs associated with specialty care can be difficult to understand. We want your visit and experience to be as comfortable as possible and will provide you with estimates for the therapies or surgical procedures.

Payment Policies

⌚ If your pet is admitted for surgery, treatment or diagnostic testing, you will be required to leave a 50% deposit and payment in full is due at the time of patient discharge.

🦺 While we require you to pay your pet’s medical bill at the time of services rendered, we are happy to help you with any necessary paperwork that will streamline the reimbursement process from your pets’ insurance provider.

The Eye Specialist

for Animals

At The Eye Specialist for Animals, we believe that a compassionate, personalised approach creates the best care for your pet. We are animal lovers and understand how stressful it is to have a pet with eye problems or vision loss. We strive to provide expert ophthalmic care for your pet and high-quality service to all our clients.

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